Sweeney Todd 2024 Tickets on Sale

24 Mar

With Josh Groban currently starring in the latest Broadway production Sweeney Todd is a riveting tale comedic tragedy. The characters are vividly bold; the music and lyrics are incredibly witty, sinister, and moving and it is probably the best American Musical.

A show not to be missed.


After fifteen years in exile for a crime he didn’t commit, Sweeney Todd returns to London with the help of a young sailor, Anthony. He soon discovers that his wife is dead and his daughter, Johanna, is in the hands of the evil Judge Turpin.

With the help of Mrs Lovett, Todd opens a barber shop above her unsuccessful meat pie store with the hope of luring in the Judge for his murderous revenge. Todd’s lust for vengeance becomes so powerful that he turns his razor against the unsuspecting public of London – but then there is the problem of how to dispose of the bodies.

Even though times are hard, Mrs Lovett’s meat pies become a raging success thanks to the help of a special new ingredient...